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News & Events

  • Consultation Meeting - Identification of national SMC Priorities - Kocani, 29th June, 2009
  • Project Team Workshop to review the Economic analysis Framework - Popova Shapka, October, 2009
  • Priority Validation National Workshop - Bitola, Molika, February, 2010

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Implementation agency: UNDP and Implementing Partner: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - POPs Unit

SAICM Project in Macedonia

The objective of the sound management of chemicals is to apply managerial best practices to chemicals throughout their life cycle to prevent, and, where this is not possible, to reduce or minimize the potential for exposure of people and the environment to toxic and hazardous chemicals (i.e. through polluting emissions, use, disposal, etc.). This requires strengthened governance, and improved techniques and technologies in the production, use, storage, and disposal or recovery of chemicals.

The term life cycle originates with a methodology initially introduced in the 1970s, life-cycle assessment (LCA), which evaluates affects upon the environment and human health of a chemical substance from the moment of its extraction from the earth until the return of the substance to the ecosystem in an environmentally sound manner.

National Coordinating Committee

Interagency Coordinating Mechanism. A cross-sectoral, Interagency Coordinating Mechanism, composed of stakeholders and representatives from ministries, associations, NGOs, private sector representatives, etc, will be initiated by decision of the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning and act as an advisory committee.

Legislation and Agreements

SAICM-Strategic Approach into International Chemical Management is a global initiative adopted at the International Conference on Chemicals Management held in Dubai from February 4-6, 2006 and it provides a global framework for countries aiming to achieve the WSSD goal of sound chemicals management by 2020. SAICM is comprised of a High Level Declaration (the Dubai Declaration on International Chemicals Management)...