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  • Consultation Meeting - Identification of national SMC Priorities - Kocani, 29th June, 2009
  • Project Team Workshop to review the Economic analysis Framework - Popova Shapka, October, 2009
  • Priority Validation National Workshop - Bitola, Molika, February, 2010

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Implementation agency: UNDP and Implementing Partner: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - POPs Unit

Macedonian Legislation
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Chemicals related regulations exist in several laws currently in force in the Republic of Macedonia and there are some rules related to chemical management that could be found in some of the framework laws and respective bylaws.

The current Law on Chemicals is not yet fully transposed and in line with EU legislation and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), however it is in accordance with the following EU Directives: 31967L0548, 31998L0008, 32004R0648 including regulations on assessment and classification of biocides and detergents.